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Visual Raptor is a multi-network scanning program with built in UNIX administration tools and querying system. Its GUI displays network and machine status at a glance. Visual Raptor logs and announces vocally  network connectivity changes. It allows easy selection of machines, unlimited functions and an intuitive interface for viewing results. Its ability to copy files and directories to select groups of machines with just a few mouse clicks saves time.


Visual Raptor is in use on homogeneous networks consisting of SG, SUN, HP, Linux and Windows machines. The flexible operating systems that allow some remote management benefit the most from Visual Raptor.


The main panel's graphical user interface is the heart of the program. This panel has the graphic representation (check-buttons) of the networks and the machines on each network. The network check-buttons act as headers and select the network. The machines on each network are in columns under their network heading.  For clarity, network host machines are frequently placed at the top of a column.


The main panel is alive even when not scanning. Hovering the mouse over a hot area displays a brief hint in the Status Bar Hint area. Hovering the mouse over a machines check-button highlights a color indicating what version of operating system is on that machine. Hovering the mouse over a network check-button gives subnet and VLAN info in the Hints box.

Network scanning.


Visual Raptor has tools to facilitate timely execution of changes to the widest base of machines. It can choose which networks and machines to act on.


You should have Visual Raptor patrolling your Networks.